An old funny story

A very long time ago I had a nieghbor/pal/buddy/friend from whom I learned to have an appreciation for photography and social work. Fabulous man. When we parted he gifted me with two plaques that I had admired. His friend had made them for him some years before and they had hung in the same spot as they had hung since he recieved them until he gave them to me. My favorite reads as folloes;

"Love produces comfort.
Comfort produces happiness.
Happiness produces peace.
Peace produces love."
Wm. Alexander '72

Simply, exquisitely, profoundly true words.
The plaques were hung in the one room he knew everone would read them.
The plaques were hung at perfect eye level just above the toilet paper holder directly across from the toilet in the guest bath. I of course did like wise. I still laugh.

HaHa well we all need something to do when we are in the wee room. Good One :slight_smile:

That’s a great story. Thanks Marianne!

Beautiful, absolutely beautiful and thank you for that xxxxxxx