I was thinking about when my Rhuematolest had me go up from 25 mg of Amitriptyline to 125. I told him I was starting to use the wrong words. He said (yelled) that medicine doesn’t do that. A year later he suggests a MRI on my brain. That’s how my AVM was discovered.
My question is: can my high dose of Amitriptyline be bad for an AVM?

@Karen62 I am sorry your doctor yelled at you. Some doctors do not like it when we question stuff. I know my grandma had huge memory issues and leg weakness which later I found out was from her cholesterol medication -

I just looked it up - anticholinergic drugs like amitriptyline can contribute to confusion, memory problems and cognitive impairment. There are literally dozens of drugs that have anticholinergic activity. Many people do not realize that several of the drugs they may be taking could have an impact on brain function.

Just saw my heart doctor last week and he was trying to tell me a drug that my pain neuro put me on is causing me to have low blood pressure…when I told him no I take it for head pain and sleep and it was originally a drug for blood pressure but was shitty - he argued with me. Just saw my stroke doctor yesterday who is head of stroke at stanford who confirmed I was correct. Needless to say I just fired my heart doctor-


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Thanks for letting me know about this. I will talk to my neurologist when I see him.

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