I just now, (this afternoon) found this wonderful site. Kudos to Ben Munoz, thanks Ben, "ya done good.....^5." To see all the fantastic, beautiful people here and read about their individual battles with an AVM, brings a tear to my eye.

(note to self)

Maybe a lil later I'll give ya'll my complete AVM history.

William Welcome welcome to the family! I felt the same way when my sister told me about it. After the discovery of my AVM she and my son googled AVMs and found this site. It has been a big part of my life ever since. I am glad you stumbled here. It is an absolutely wonderful site filled with equally wonderful people and each and everyone of us understands the other no matter the differences in our circumstances.

William, I know how you feel about reading about everyone’s story. Thanks for sharing with all of us.

Hi William,

Glad that this site has been a blessing to you. It has been for me.

Take care,


I can hardly wait!