Am i having seizures?

hi all this is a bit of a daft question and really i know I should go and speak to my neuro about these things but i am now 7 months post bleed and surgery i still have an aneurysm on my left side which is being monitored and my recovery is coming along slowly. I have noticed a new thing that has been happening, i have weakness on my left hand side which will twitch quite violently and i cant control it but i am aware that its doing it apart from when it happens when im asleep which apparently is quite often and a few nights ago resulted in me smacking my hubby in the face but it didnt wake me, I also have occasions where i zone out, my hubby says he is talking to me but im stareing off into nowhere and he has to physically get in front of me to snap me out of it but says before i do snap out of it and respond to him my eyes are darting off in all directions, i have no idea this is happening. I always thought seizures were like fits ( violent full body twitching) but a friend of mine said my episodes could be a seizure just wondering what you guys think because i actually trust your advise more than my doctors who seem to have written it all off now and always say to what ever i ask well you had brain surgery even if its for a head cold which has nothing to do with any symptoms i have.

Why would they not repair the anuerysm when u had the crainiotomy?.....

Hi Greg, they did the surgery when a aneurysm at the back of my head burst causing a 5cm blood clot and caused hydrocephalus so that was the priority at the time because i was dying. they found the 2nd aneurysm when i had an after surgery mri scan i guess they would have seen it on the pre op scan but they were just concerned with the major bleed at the time to save my life

I asked a similar (almost, not really the same LOL) question in the discussions and Ron posted in the comments that his son has complex partial seizures and they called them "zone out seizures" that kind of sounds like what you are describing.
He also posted this link, maybe they have some better info for you.

Hi Kristi many thanks for your response i had a look at the links you gave the first i couldn't understand at all and the 2nd i got lost on so I had a look through your blog posts to see if i could find the blog you mentioned but I think i got distracted and ended up replying to a different blog post you wrote lmao ( off on a different tangent again :O) ) xxxx

LOL I just read the comment you're referring to LOL. I get easily confused and distracted too. I'll be honest, I didn't look at the epileptic site once a quick glance made it clear I wouldn't understand it! So, I wiki'd it and though I didn't understand it, I thought maybe you might find something in there.
The thing I don't understand is how come your weakness is on the left side and your aneurysm is on the same side. They knew my avm was on my right side because my left side had "fallen." Usually it's opposites that are affected. Just saying.

:O) my hubby says its like having a teenager in the house with the attention span of a flea :O) I tell everyone i have the memory of a demented goldfish " dont make it around the bowl once before i forget" lol
the doctors seem to think my weakness has been caused by my first AVM and surgery along with my affected taste and memory issues so might not be caused by my 2nd aneurysm im really hoping that my right side will not be affected but although they are keeping an eye on the 2nd avm and it is small at the moment there is no guarantee it wont cause problems in the future

Here is some information that might help:
Check into Absence Seizures under the Heading of Generalized Seizures and then into Partial Seizures.
I live with epilepsy and my seizures fall into the category of Complex Partial. The intense feelings that accompany a seizure are just as important as the above facts. I find that the emotional confusion part of a seizure is troubling. I ask myself what you are asking - did I have a seizure? The other question I ask is, What did I do during the seizure? I know that I have had a seizure when there is an explosion of intense feelings.
Was your experience more than daydreaming? How would your husband describe it in more detail? That could be very important for your neurologist to hear. The fact that you cannot remember the episode may give you a significant clue.
Are you on medications? Some meds have the side effects of tremors/twitching that you describe. Even my anti-seizure meds do that to me.
FWIW, when Cavernous Malformation bled, the seizures followed. The entire area has been surgically removed and in conjuction with meds, I have been without a seizure since September of last year.
Whatever you do, find a neurologist who will listen to you. You deserve it after what you have been through!

At least your husband sounds entertained by your "new" you. Mine forgets that I'm forgetful and it irritates the both of us LOL. "Kristi, did you blah blah like I told you?" "I forgot, my bad. Why didn't you remind me?" "I forgot to set an alarm to remind you to remember to blah blah." LOL, that's the gist of most of our conversations!

Hi Frgeo
thank you for the links i could actually understand them, I think i will have to ask my hubby to describe what i do as im unaware and might be able to narrow down some of the symptoms. I have had a lot of zoning out over the past few days and seem to have relapsed in my recovery so i don't know if the two are connected at all.

LOL Kristi if my hubby isnt entertained then my kids certainly are :O) i have had many similar conversations as you got a whiteboard in the end cos he was making me think i was going crazy ( he said hed told me but hadn't)

LOL We have a whiteboard! But I forget to write on it....and read it LOL

hahahahahahahahahahahahaha mines on my fridge :O)

Hello whisters. You have had a great response from your blog! I have suffered from seizures for about 12mths and my Neuro has finally found a medication that stop the seizures. There is a great group here who share their experiences with seizures and I have found it very supportive and I get quite a lot of information. All the best!

Thank you Whispers, Your blog has been very educational. The website Krist has provided has provided good information on the types of seizures. This has answered many questions that I had but I did not know how to ask or was afraid of asking.

One thing I learned about this site is that there is never a reason to be afraid to ask a question here. I've been a member for only a year and I've seen some pretty off the wall questions (a few I have asked myself LOL). Only twice did I see a negative comment and both were completely unnecessary. One was because a lady was offended by a question about masturbation. She said it wasn't appropriate as there are children on this site but if you really think about might be a good question for anyone with an avm regardless of age......just saying.