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I’ve heard of oxygen therapy to reverse brain damage, and who knows, maybe that could cure an avm??? I don’t know, but does anyone think that other health options such as this or other things available are a better solution then surgery? I have always been told that surgery should be the very last option so I am wanting to do as much research as possible or hear other people’s opinion that are suffering with the same thing as I am. Thank you so much, I hope to hear from anyone reading this that wants to share their opinion


I’ve heard that collodial silver has help cure or reduce avms, same with Omega 3’s, check it out,


For people who haven’t had surgery cured it using those supplements?



Prompted by your question, I did a little online searching and the impression I get is that hyperbaric (= high pressure) oxygen treatment is something that can be used for a number of things to relieve symptoms or to facilitate recovery, rather than as a curative treatment. In the articles I found, for example, it is found to relieve symptoms of cluster headaches but no correlation with improvement in migraine headaches (which I believe are most relevant for this community); I also found reference to use for MS but again no definite beneficial effect found; and related to recovery after cancer.

The most interesting of these was the recovery after cancer, where damage to cells from radiotherapy treatment meant that the oxygenation of the blood reaching radiation-damaged cells was poor, this could be improved with hyperbaric oxygenation. This could have application (in my un-medical opinion) where people are similarly recovering from damage via radiation therapy for an AVM: it might aid recovery after the radiation treatment: but it would not be a substitute for the radiation treatment itself.

The specific article I found is here:

Please ensure you look to your doctor for options around treatment. Unproven or “complimentary” medicine treatments that are not part of main stream medical recommendations are to be treated cautiously, in line with our site etiquette.

I’ve moved this conversation to the “complimentary therapies” category as a precaution.

I hope the above information helps,



Thank you so much for taking the time to do some research Richard! It means a lot to me. Thanks again!


Don’t even think about quack treatments when it comes to curing an AVM. They have not been clinically tested.

As a doctor once told me “The plural of anecdote is not data.”