Almost 6 years out, doing pretty well

Hi. I am posting this note to give hope to anybody who has suffered the frustration of healing after Cerebellum surgery. I am almost six years from surgery. I can’t say I am back to “normal” , I hardly remember what that feels like, but I am good enough. It has been a pretty steady growth. I seem to get better everyday. I found it is most important to focus on what you can do and take it a step at a time. Today there is little I can’t do! Just a bit slower. I used to play tennis and one day plan on getting back. For now, I play a new sport called pickle ball. It’s a bit slower and less chance of becoming dizzy. What lm trying to say is don’t give up. It really continues to get better everyday.
I am happy to speak with anybody who can use some encouragement.
Good luck and good health to all,

Pickleball. Sounds funny :slight_smile: Very happy for your recovery success! Keep the positive attitude

Great message Howards, Thanks! Haven’t played pickle ball yet, but have some friends that have a complete riot playing it. Great to hear you’re doing well, take care! John.