Almost 4 full weeks since my first post

I am so glad that I started writing on here. For the simple purpose of looking back and seeing how far Scott has come. I do get discouraged at times, and this blog really helps.

Today, for the first time, when I told Scott what the date was, he looked at me and said "are you serious??". And he said it out loud since yesterday they put in a speaking valve for his trach (finally).

He has been so much more aware. Not only with speech, but also with looking at everyone in the room, watching me when I talk, functionally and at times I finally see his personality too (good and bad).

I am learning more and more how to navigate this crazy medical world. I get mad, frustrated, broken down sometimes. But his daily progress give me so much hope.

I am in love with a remarkable man.

Rules that I have been following...

Hi Dannijo! Yay for Scott and an even bigger yay for you including in your posting that link. I have read Dr. Bolte's book several times and I really appreciated the list from the Appendix in that book. You made me laugh again when you mentioned seeing the good and bad in Scott's personality. I recall my husband commenting to me that he could tell I was "back" for I was nagging him .... lol.