Almost 3 months post gamma!

1-I still have hair but it is turning white in a certain area.
2-Weakness,numbness, flinching on left side
3-Loss of energy…fatigue easily…but dilantin makes sure I don’t sleep to good
4-Daily pain in my head…my doctor prescribed me a medication for the “vascular headaches” but I had to stop using it because it was giving me chest pain and I was having a hard time breathing. So now what??? I almost afraid to try another one!!!
5-Sometimes it still feels like the Leskel frame is on.
6-Will return for my 2nd stage of gamma in July…not looking forward to it!!!

How is everyone else???

Erin, talk to your doc about the pain med. I’ve gone thru several changes, trying to find the one that will work for me. Unfortunately, the one that worked best on the pain for me, the Fentanyl patch, landed me in the E.R. because it caused chest pain and asthma - I was allergic to it!