Airline Travel


I am a T-10 incomplete as a result of a spinal dural AVF at C-1 about 4 ½ years ago. I’m preparing to fly across the country with one plane change so my manual wheelchair will be stored in the luggage compartment below the plane during flights.
Having heard from a couple people with manual wheelchairs that there could be damage to my wheelchair from being “put” into the baggage section of the plane, I’m curious what others have experienced and any suggestions for me toward keeping my wheelchair intact during this trip.



It’s great to hear from you. I’m hoping that posting will bring this conversation up to the top again so people see it.

I certainly know that luggage of any kind is historically not well “put” into the hold but I would hope that airlines are getting much more familiar with things like wheelchairs and so do better than they used to.

Other ideas: do some general searching online for things like “best airlines for wheelchair users” or check out the details of the airline you want to travel with to see who comes across as best might be good.

Hope this helps / I’m not too late :slight_smile: