After Surviving AVM bleed Comes Changes to my Tasting Food

When I got back home after two months in the hospital...when I would
eat foods I had a different reaction to some foods. Especially in my
case to sugar. Unless it was disguised well, sugar had a bitter taste and
I would not eat it. This meant no pies, or cakes, except I remember that
I could eat tart lemon pies, and so I asked for those often.

I had a friend at the hospital who was also an AVM survivor who could no
longer enjoy his favorite beverage, beer, and he told me that he had to
drink a good deal of it over some time until he got used to the taste again
and could enjoy it. I laughed when he told me this and thought it might be
better for him if he got his love for beer back slowly!

Not all AVM survivors had this reaction, and perhaps it was just those
who had an AVM with major bleed and an operation to remove it?

Hi again, John, and I'm grateful you posted this discussion. My AVM burst was in my cerebellum and food tasted awful to me so during my 5 weeks in the ICU a food tube was used. Actually, I came home after an additional 4 weeks in another hospital's rehab, about 30 pounds lighter. Then, in 2013, my out of state brother was here visiting and I stopped eating and lost an additional 10 pounds and was the same tiny size that I was before having children. Unfortunately, I told my brother that I was thrilled he was here because I didn't have to eat and my husband would not notice. So, my brother told my husband and I had to resume eating. So, I say that I eat to live now and I find that that I'm glad when I can tolerate certain foods. I do drink a lot of herbal teas ... lol. Oh, I made the choice not to learn to like sugary foods again for I felt I was practically a sugar addict and I like being slim... again lol.

Hi John,
I had lost my taste completely after surgery. It came back slowly and the last taste to come back was vinegar. Sugar was the first one! haha I have heard of other similar experience and everybody's taste did came back with time. My taste is totally back to normal now. I had surgery a year ago.

Good. These are just some of the tiny problems encountered by patients who have
been through it all! We know that things do get better with time!

Good. My tastes were all back also within 6-8 months.
At least it kept us all from gaining a ton of weight at first!