After surgery

Hi all, Thank you for the warm welcome. Ahh where to begin... I had avm surgery 3 months ago and have found the truths of - a lot of things have changed. My vision has been compromised and left me feeling off. I have done a lot of reading on after surgery symptoms and changes. Especially brain surgery. What have you encountered as far as lifestyle changes, anxiety, tiredness, working less...

Hello Hulagurl, I'll add my welcome to the welcomes that you had received from the other members. Congrats on getting through your AVM and surgery.

My AVM was located in the right parietal/occipital lobe of my brain. After surgery, I had double vision and my eyes were very sensitive to light. I couldn't even watch TV - that's how sensitive my eyes were. The double-vision had gone away after a month, but the peripheral vision in my left eye is gone, and I no longer can drive. I rely heavily on mass transit to get around. Sometime my friends will give me a ride if they catch me walking. I have to be careful when reading, thanks to my altered vision. I have a habit accidentally "skipping" words on the left side of the page.

I had anxiety during my 2+year of recovery, but that has gotten better. I do have intellectual limitations and speech troubles (not making sense when I speak, understanding things differently). I have to put up with a few coworkers who feel the need to speak to me as if I'm stupid. I wish I knew how to tell them that I am not stupid; my brain just functions a little differently now.

Leslie, I too am having trouble comprehending certain things like math and remembering certain words. It is very frustrating. My avm was exactly opposite of yours. My vision on right peripheral is gone. I find I have become a bit paranoid and tend to look like a bobble head I don't want to miss anything. Blurred vision,tracers,my brain shows spots of light in my peripheral when complete dark, easy loss of balance, bright lights are painful, headaches, constantly bumping into everything and everyone on the right...
I have read articles saying that people who went through the same or similar have trouble remembering to for example shave both legs or only apply makeup to one side of their face. That the brain overrides certain decisions. They described the outta sight outta mind.

Hi Hulagurl. I know it seems like an eternity. However, 3 months out from brain surgery is not very long. I felt tired for 2 years after my craniotomy. The brain can heal but it does so SLOWLY!