After second surgery

My dear friends,

we just came back from hospital. Daniel is AVM FREE!! The second surgery went well like the first one.
Daniel operated on July 4th and then spent 24 hours at the intensive care unit, then transfered to an apartment.
On the 8th Daniel did an angiography and the result was clear.
Right now he is playing games with his sister. I cannot be happier. A heavy weight is off my shoulder, head, spirit.!

I need to say something about Dr. Atos. While at the hospital I managed to know more about him, his work and experience with AVM. For many people he is one of the best doctors in the world. But to me he is more than that, he is a caring and loving man with a big smile on his face everytime he talks to you. He is so caring that he looks like a priest. I did not know him before but from the moment I knew him my heart was calmer.
Everyone who wants a second or third opinion I would advise to get in touch with him.

Thank you all for praying and caring for Daniel.
He is better than ever, so am I.

Hallelujah! Thank you, God! I’m so happy for Daniel! I wish I could give you a big hug, Erica! XXXX

Dear Connie and Liam, thank you for caring and for being there always.
You are part of our lives. Love xxxx

Praise god that your son has had a good result god to hear that he is at home recovering well. That is the best news that we can hear. As to other opinions Luke’s results are sent down to the leading children’s hospital in Australia where a team review his results. It is thougt that he is to young due to he size and location of avm if they were to operate they think he wuld die or become paralyized. From what i gather form reading other stories on this site it seems that a lot of parents are told this.

wonderful news!

Dear Michelle, thank you. Luke will grow up and get strong and then will be treated. I will pray for that to happen. Love to you all

Thank you Kate!

Thank you Stacey for all the support. You all are part of this victory. I don´t know how it would be without you to talk to. Love you all.

Dearest Erica
That is the best news I cannot tell you how happy I am for you all. Its been a long road you have travelled but you have arrived at a wonderful destination and all the family can breatha sigh of relief finally. Kiss my wee pirate for me. x

My dear Amanda, thank you. Your support was very important for me. Love you.

Thank you so much Savinder! xxxoooxxx