After brain surgery (radiation), can anyone bend over without discomfort?

Husband can only stoop to reach low, he cannot bend over. Bending over causes extreme pain and discomfort in his brain where the AVM is. This has been ongoing for 2 yrs (after LINAC surgery, which is similar to GAmma Knife). Neurosurgeon instructed him not to bend over. Just surprised that 2 yrs later, he still cannot tolerate doing this. Anyone else have this experience? How long did it last?

I too have had LINAC. I can't bend over either without feeling all this pressure in my head where the AVM is. I have and always have had to bend down to do what ever I am doing. I didn't know about the AVM until October 2012. I will be at the two year mark in September of 2015. Hoping to get a good report. I guess if it is gone and still feeling that way I will have to ask why? Call his doctor and see. I would be interested as well if that feeling ever stops.

I had a grandmal seizure at work when they diagnosed me.I work with a blood donation center. We were on a blood drive when it happened. Scared everyone , coworkers, blood donors. I didn't know what had happened until i came back around. Last I remember was trying to take a needle out of a donors arm and not knowing what to do with my hands. I was like, "Oh my God... I am actually gonna have to ask someone how to do this but I couldn't speak either. Last thing I remember was turning to my head to the right. According to my coworkers it was quite graphic. Said I turned blue, foamed at the mouth, the whole nine yards. We were in Waycross, Ga when it happened. I was taken to the hospital by ambulance and because they were part of Mayo, when they did scans and saw what was there, they immediately transported me by ambulance to Jacksonville, Fl. That kinda freaked me out. I am a nurse and I believe I had heard the term AVM before but hadn't really attached a real meaning to it. Scared the crap out of my husband. They did 2 embolizations prior to the first radiation treatment. I had staged treatment 6 months apart because of the size and area. Didn't want to "nuke" too much good brain is what my doctor said. Didn't recommend surgery as it is in left frontal lobe close to sensitive areas that could affect my speech and movement on my right side. So we play the waiting game.