After an embolization for avm

Hi everyone it’s me again. Question for anyone who has had an embolization for avm in the brain. I’m 3 weeks out and feeling great very little headaches actually i have no headaches compared to what I used too. But I am having some head rushes. I had them before this but I would always hear a whooshing noise. That is gone but I do get them once in awhile after sitting for a long period of time.
My ears get plugged and then it goes away. Does anyone have this. My head almost feels full and so do my ears . It’s only lasts a few minutes. Also my blood pressure is pretty low sometimes. But I do know that the whooshing noise I used to hear must have been my avm because that’s gone.

Good to hear!

The “whooshing” is usually pulsatile tinnitus. Since the AVM is taken care of - no more whooshing - mine went away for the most part

The feeling of the head changes, I described as it felt like each side of my brain was in different hemispheres. This also calmed down quite a bit over time - I haven’t had it happen now for a few months.

Ha! Good to hear you’re doing well - I figured you would. But, this “brain stuff” sure can get to you.

You had just the embolization, right? No coils, no drains, or radiation

Hi yes I just had the embolization nothing else and today is just 3 weeks. Yes the whooshing is gone and I never thought anything of it before I found out I had an avm. But my head does feel full sometimes along with my ears and then it goes away .
But yes I definitely feel a little different since having this done . But I’m sure over time it will all work out. Like I said it’s only been 3 weeks and I have recovered quite quickly.
But it’s amazing how I have always had headaches my whole life and really I have not had any since having this done .

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Sounds quite similar to mine, minus the hemorrhage or 3

Same here - never thought much of it. Never had a head CT done since I was 14 - no nothin. . . Like they told me - how did you not know, these were all symptoms of your AVM < go figure

So awesome to hear you’re doing well!

When is your follow up angiogram?

They said in 4 to 6 weeks I had it done on May 11 th.
I am hoping more towards 6 weeks and I hope the last 2 percent went away on its own he said it may.
If not he will embolize that and then I hope I’m done for a year . He said if it went away then I will go for an mri in a year and I should be ok.
I think the anxiety is worse than anything. I’m always worried every little pain I feel I get so worried , but I’m sure this will all get better with time .

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You sound just like me, lady - same exact stuff I went through + the recovery of a hemorrhage

But, yes - the anxiety is something, that’s for sure

You’re doing well, try to relax & stay semi active - walk & do whatever else you feel comfortable with

I wish you the same luck I had, “one time kill” - one embolization did it. No follow up work has been needed.

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You sound great!

I found my head very strange post embolisation, almost like the top of it didn’t have enough blood pressure and I felt really quite odd walking or being driven in a car.

My doc suggested that he had quite seriously rerouted the blood flows in my head and that it would simply take “some time” to get used to. The good news is that he was right. The bad news is that “some time” is doctor speak for “flippin ages”. I’d say it took me at least a year, getting on for two to feel “normal”.

Six week rescan and a check-up in a year sounds perfect

Very best wishes,


Well I have been feeling great. Like my old self again. I have not had a headache in a month and I always had them . I always just thought it was me or something. I have started doing some light workouts again. I still feel that headrush but not as often . I’m still waiting to hear from the dr about a follow up.


I had the avm embolization on May 11 and they want to do a follow up soon . I’m going on vacation July 9 thru the 16 th. . I’m waiting until after that to go do a follow up. It was 98’percent obliterated. I hope I’m doing the right thing . I have had no headaches no side effects at all!!!
I really need this beach vacation before I go through all of this again.

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R u flying?

How many weeks will it be from procedure till you can get in for the angiogram?

I did the same thing - they wanted me in at 4 weeks. They had the wrong number on file, so no one called - me & the wife took off to Mexico - I called & scheduled as soon as we got back. . . We drove, I don’t think I’d still take the plunge on trying to fly again.

I got the follow up angiogram at 5 weeks post procedure. Some MD’s require it at different times post procedure.

It will be over 8 weeks . He wanted me back in 6 or so . Even if I didn’t go on vacation it would be over 6 weeks . So I think I’m ok. I’m going for my blood work the week after I get back . Like I said I feel fantastic . And we have a Motorola we are not driving .

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A what?! Lol

That’s awesome that you feel this good - shoot, you’re recovering better than I did. I figure, my harsher recovery was due to the hemorrhage I got.

I heard a lot of MD’s asking for a 6 week follow up also. . . Keep at it. . . You seem well:)

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I meant motorhome lol. Yes son it will be almost 8 weeks by the time I get back. But like I said after they blood test me and Covid test me my procedure probably would not have been until the week I went away anyway. Sonora another week I figure .

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