After a spinal angiogram

Hi I had a spinal angiogram done last Wednesday and just now felt a hard knot where they did the procedure. Is this normal? I have a lot of bruising but no pain in that area?

That’s normal

The “hard knot” is normal as a result of the angiogram.

Had 5 angio's, and yes its normal. But after the 4th angio, the hard knot did not disappear. Over weeks and sometimes bigger and...... at the end it was a hernia inguinalis, caused of the 4th angio (cause pressing too hard on the artery/injection). Had the successful hernia surgery last year. So dont worry, watch it, and if is bigger and bigger ask the doc.

Thank you all for answering my question. First one I’ve ever had so I was a little worried.

There's usually a little knot where the angio-seal is. Should be absorbed by your body in time. Of my eight angiograms, one time I thought my appendix was about to burst but it was a large, hard hematoma in my lower belly. Like a golf ball. Only once though. Best of luck and speedy recovery to you!