Affordable Places with Solid Public Transportation

Does anyone know of any cities or places with reliable transportation that is somewhat affordable?

Hi Julie...My sister lives in "nowhere" Maine and she has transportation that picks her up and back for her Doctors's appointments. I would think there must be similar transportation in other cities. Let me know how you make out! Good Luck!

Where I live in NC my town has a transportation service that was initially set up for the elderly. Now it is also available to "disabled" people. I haven't signed up for it yet but I see the buses and cars all over the town. My town is not considered the most affordable in the state but it's nice. I know the "big" cities like Raleigh and Charlotte both have public transportation. Come on down here girlie. We'll have a blast. If we could ever get to each other, as we don't drive!

Hey Julie,

I live in Columbia, Maryland, where they have decent transportation services. I've been using it for the past three years, and it has worked out well for me, getting to/from work and school. The company that operates the buses also has a transportation service called Paratransit, which is meant for the "disabled." I never used it, but from what I noticed, they run often, and take riders anywhere they have to go, not just the assigned/required bus stops.

Ah Columbia. I do miss that place. Way ahead of their time in many areas, transportation included!

Oooooh, tough question Julie. Reliable transportation & affordable????

As someone else mentioned, many cities have transportation in association with Senior Services. Any town you consider, you should check with them for rules and such. For example, our city in KS has a 'senior bus' that costs about $4 round trip, but any age can ride, regardless of disability, as long as you got $4. It goes anywhere within the city, which covers a lot of doctors, food, and clothing places, but it doesn't go out of town, and it requires you call the day previous to schedule. Then you are subject to fitting into their schedule, which usually isn't an issue.

I see you live up north, so cold must not be an issue. I know Minneapolis/St Paul has decent transportation and a lot of ways to move around underground to avoid the cold.

Me, I'd move south, but to each their own.

Ron, KS

Some place my wife and I lived before the economy hit us hard was Peachtree City, Ga. Everyone drives golf carts there. You can take them to the grocery store, movie theater, walmart, etc. 100s of miles of golf cart paths to go anywhere in the city there. It's the reason we moved there so that my wife could get around. She is to bad off to drive these days, and we don't live there anymore, but it was a great great place. You don't have to have a license to drive the carts.

Julie, I moved back home to Ohio to live with my family (what a loser I feel like) But a County bus picks me up and transports me to all appointments, no shopping or social visits yet! But the transport is FREE and accessible since my rupture paralyzed me! But at least I get to my dr.s and its free! i can't imagine that benefit alone with the price of gas where it is! Good Luck!

I never had a problem with either in Chicago, but central New Jersey's been a nightmare on both counts!

Here's an interesting list of the 50 cities with the most transit users:

And an article claiming to have found the 10 best and safest transit systems:

Definitely ahead of their time in many areas. That town does stand out. :-)

Thanks all, for the resources!

Just got my internet connection back after "discussing" with Comcast (didn't realize how dependent I was on it to the outside world - good times - got me to thinking that a "disabled" life has similar frustrations to talking to a Comcast rep. on a sunny Friday.

Anyway, thanks again.

Denver has a highly rated bus system, new light rail lines being built. Not sure if it's cheap or affordable, but worth looking into. I live just off a new light rail line, can't wait for it to open up. I can use it and the value of my neighborhood will go up.

Hey Ron - I definitely prefer the warmth and less snow and ice =) I like 4 seasons, but like warmth (not heat where it's difficult to breathe) more.

I'll check it out. Thanks.

I really like Denver, Madison, and San Fran...but it seems that I have champagne taste on a beer budget. =(

Sorry. Decent house for sale next door for $194k i think.?

any additional ideas? thanks for all, already!

Oh, I do know I have that sporty trike now, right? You can hitch a ride any time!

Thanks, Trish - maybe I can fit in the basket? - Is it illegal to hitch-hike on a bike? =) Hey - Are you able to ride a bike on sidewalks there?

You could probably fit in the basket if you scrunch up a bit. I don't know if it's legal but everyone does it. I was contemplating riding my trike to the grocery store, but I'm a bit afraid of doing it by myself. That half blind thing really gets annoying! We've got a greenway system (a bunch of trails) that I go out on. Probably safer that way. I'd only get hit by a deer of another bike.