Advise on Doctor to treat leg AVM in Australia

I am the mother of Richard, aged 14 years, who was diagnosed with an AVM in his leg, just above his knee, but embedded in the muscle, about 4 months ago. We live in Western Australia. We saw a vascular surgen in Perth who doesn't have any experience in treating AVM's in children and we are still waiting to hear back from him with further advise. In the meantime I decided to start doing my own research and came across ths group, which I'm so thankful for. I would like to hear from anyone who had succesfull treatment in Australia for an AVM in the leg or who have suggestions on doctors we can contact for further advise. Thanks in advance. Adri

Hello and best thing for Richard is you , his staunch ally , his best advocate and protector . If you look in groups at the top of the page and find the Australian group you'll have access to people on your end who can point you in the direction of finding capable help for Richard . Also if you go to the extremity avm group there are those with experience as they themselves or their own children have come along . Please go to groups and explore some more options . Always learn as much as you can from every experienced medical professional and patient you can find . I am so sorry that Richard must travel this road but happy he has a parent who is thinking forward . Also look up Lionsnaps , Carter and his family have walked this road one step at a time . Be good to you . Take care of you . May you find the best result(s) for Richard .

Hi, Adri, marianne gives good advice. There is also an option to send a message to the members of the Aussie group as well as the members of the Extremity group. If you do find an experienced doctor and get good results, please report back on both groups so that the information will be available for others. Best wishes to you and your son!