Advice regarding flying after avm removal craniotomy

I had my surgery last week and I was wondering when I can fly. My surgeon said straight away but recommended I leave it for 6 months. I have a family holiday in 5 weeks.

I had a crainiotomy on March 1 2000 miles away from home. We drove going there but I flew back on March 17. The only times it gave me a headache was on landing because for some reason we descended for a good 20 minutes. Today's plane dont have the pressure issue they use to have.

In other words, Yes you totally should/can. The flight didnt cause any problems. The landing would of give me a headache surgery or not haah

Hi richwag. Where are you going? Across the pond? The pond is The Atlantic Ocean. Or shorter? If your doctor said okay then I would simply notify the lead flight attendant about your medical background and not worry about it. Just be sure to okay it with the doctor.
Just in case you’re wondering…I am a Flight Attendant and I do fly International.

I flew to UT from PA and back this past winter. It was a little over a year since my surgery, but I didn't experience any issues at all. Besides being more worn out by the trip than I used to be.

I would listen to the surgeon. God bless hope it works out for you.

My trip will be England to turkey - thank you for the advice :slight_smile:

Thank you for your advice, it has been very reassuring :slight_smile:

I had my craniotomy in April 2012, then a cranioplasty July. I then went on a four hour flight in 5 weeks after! I was advised not to fly as it may cause pain. I followed my gut instinct and made sure i had strong pain killers which i took before the flight! I had no trouble atall. Enjoy your holiday, you will need it! :)