Advice please! Planning MRI, but afraid of the pain and I dont want general anaesthesia

Hello everyone.

Im am finally beginning to accept, that I have to have an MRI to find out if my VM has spread or gotten bigger. I know that to lie down in the scanner for a couple of hours will be incredibly painful, as I have to lie on my back and there will be pressure on the VM (buttocks). I dont want general anaesthesia, and so Im wondering if any of you who have had MRI's have some advice as to what I can do to make the process easier and bearable?

I probably cant bring an mp3 player, but the thought of lying there in pain for so long and in complete silence with swelling, is not exactly something I would want to do voluntarily. I have to lie completely still so shifting is not an option. Any ideas??? ANY ideas or suggestions are welcome!

xxx LeaMic

Hi LeaMic,
MRI scanners are very uncomfortable for even the 'average' brain scan, so I empathize with your anticipated pain & lengthy scan.
Can your drs. give you an Rx for either Ativan or Xanax to help calm you?
Many of the MRI's now have headphones to listen to a radio station of choice, so you may want to inquire about that with the MRI facility, as well as address them prior to your appt. with concerns of pain.
Hope all goes well & better than anticipated! :)

Why can't you lie on your stomach, if that would work better for you?

Ill ask! Thank you! I never even thought of that.

And the Xanax or something like it is not a bad idea either! Il write everything down and bombard them with questions :o) Maybe I could bring an icepack as well.

They should offer you music. I can not have music because mine is on and in my brainstem but when I had MRI for another reason I could have music. They will have it there though, do not bring an MP or iPod due to magnets... You will be ok!

I never had a problem having an MRI. I just listened to the music, thought good things and all of a sudden it was over! Think Positive!