Advice on AVM surgery recovery

Hi my 13 year old daughter had a bleed on 5/11/16 from AVM in her right occipital lobe. Now on Monday 7/25/16 she is having surgery to remove the AVM. Any advice for recovery is appreciated!

My daughter had her bleed 5/31/15 she was 12 at the time. Her AVM was in the right front lobe just behind her eye. Surgery was on 6/8/15 to resection her AVM. We were told she’d be hospitalized for months but she went home 4 days later. Recovery is different for each case. If you’d like, I’d be glad to give you my contact info.

My son had a craniotomy, at age 13, in the left occipital lobe. He was in pain and somewhat depressed for the first couple of days, but by the end of the week, he was home and playing video games. He is now 16, & has had 2 or 3 angiogram/MRI's, and is AVM free. Best wishes, for you and your daughter, on Monday.

Thank you for sharing your experiences and your good wishes! I will update after her surgery tomorrow. Thank you!

Hi just wanted to report that my daughter Rachel’s surgery went great! All the AVM is out and she is home from hospital sooner than expected. Surgery was Monday and she was home Friday. Some mild headaches and of course tiredness. She will recover at home for a month and redo angiogram in a month. Thankfully no deficits from surgery- she has a 30 percent left peripheral vision loss from before with the bleed but nothing new. Thank you for all the kind words!

Wonderful news! I hope she has a speedy recovery, at home. Take care of yourself, too…

So glad she’s doing well!