Advice about after Onyx treatment

Hello it’s been a while since I was on here but I’m concerned about my arm (avm).
Thursday I had embolism taking 5 hours, I woke with a bruise to my elbow where the avm is located.
The arm was swollen and the hand wouldn’t fully work, it’s a week now and I can’t open the hand or rotate the wrist. I can grip but not strongly when I try to open the hand the thumb wont work and the hand stays in a bent shape.
I asked if there could be nerve damage but all I get is doubt it and that I’ve to just keep doing exercise s and to wait.
Has anyone else had this problem if so what was wrong and how was it treated?

Hi Claire, my husband just had brain surgery to remove an AVM on Wednesday February 5. After his surgery he was just fine except that left hand, just like yourself he also couldn’t count his fingers or give thumbs up. I had to help him self rehabilitate by doing little things. It’s not a damage nerve it’s because they did an embolism and the muscles are tense. All you have to do is just work with it for a little while and you will regain your strength the best way is get a little ball that you can squeeze and to rotate your wrist…GOOD LUCK

My son Mark had swelling as a result of onyx injections. It was quite visible because it moved down his neck. A course of steroids reduced the swelling.
Remember it does change your blood flow which needs time.
If there is no pain then hopefully it will settle down.


I had embolization on Jan 20th. I had such a hard time using my right arm. It was very weak and just didn’t respond right. My avm is in my chest cavity kinda wrapped around my spine. My advice be patient. It will slowly start coming back. Don’t over due it. Give it a little time to heal and then start working those muscles, slowly. My writing is the only thing still not quite right with how my arm works. It still hurts to straighten it or stretch it (or for air or clothing to touch it). Although I do it so as not to lose range of motion. Happy healing :slight_smile: