Adhd and avm

Is there anyone out there that has been diagnosed with adhd? My daughter has been adviced not to take any meds for her adhd while being treated for her avm, We arent sure if the Drs. are just afraid she will become “addicted” or “sell them” lol at college or if there is really something dangerous about taking aderral while being treated for an AVM? Any info on this subject would be greatly appreciated!

I sent you a private message that both you and your daughter are free to read!

Perhaps because it is a stijulant and can increase her blood pressure?

That should say “stimulant”

I have aphasia from my stroke. I coud not be calm enough without it! My son takes it too and he had brain surgery. It depends how she feels about it. I’m not a doctor.

Yes side effects of taking aderral include increased blood pressure and possibly increase the chances of Seizures or epilepsy. Here’s a post you may like to read. Adderall Warnings and Precautions

Thank you so much everyone for your help, advice and knowledge. Guess Ill have to do more homework for a safer way to help my daughter!