Has anyone tried acupuncture for post surgical pain, memory, confusion? I hear it is something useful but can’t find a lot of info on it.

I did try it, It did not help me for my AVM or post surgery pain but did find it helpful when having a bad migraine
I found it took time for my brain to heal and working every day to for my memory issues doing things like playing cards or dominos with my husband
My speech therapist told me about a website called I played it every day-
Singing is great for our memory.

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Hey Emi,
Yes, post craniotomy I did try accupunture, but a bit like Angela I did not find it of great benefit. My practitioner was an older Chinese dr, he inserted needles in to by brow and my hands. I maintained the treatment for approx. 6 months as I was advised it would take some time to see any benefit, but as I say the benefit for me was minimal.

I do hope you have more luck than I did as I have heard that for some they found it to be miraculous. It was explained to me that it can depend on the nature and cause of the pain as to the level of benefit. Please do keep us informed on your treatment, I would be interested to here how it all goes.

Merl from the Moderator Support Team

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I have not tried it, but you have me thinking about it.
Has anyone tried it for dizziness? I wonder if it could help my brain “settle down a bit”

I also did it and some 40 sessions…didnt help with pain and neither with anything that I have noticed…