Activity with my sons foot avm

When we saw the orthopaedic surgeon last week he said I have no reason to restrict my sons activities and I have no reason to worry about his avm bursting because it wont? but then went on to say if it does just apply some pressure to his foot and he will be fine :( I find this really contradictory and was wondering what you all make of this?

We have had the same issue, we have been told no sport only walking… And yet make sure he is exercising the leg to regain movement. It’s so difficult to know what to do! And what do you tell the school in regards to a care plan?

It must be hard for you with your son being so young

JJnkm and Kylie, do your sons like swimming? Sports that are high-impact for feet and legs can be difficult when you have an active AVM, but swimming should be no problem and can help to mitigate the disappointment your active sons might feel from curtailing their activities. Also, members here have reported that summer heat can make their AVMs more active and painful, and keeping cool in the pool can lower the chance of pain or bleeding. If you have a local swim team your sons could join, I would look into it.

Carter has taken up golf ( and Iva's daughter is on her college dance team ( I will hope that after your sons' AVMs are treated that they can return to their favorite activities!

Also, ask your doctors about compression. Many members here with leg AVMs wear compression stockings to lessen their discomfort.

Damcermom thanks for your thoughts and just wondering do compression stockings need to be made especially?

jjnkm, I remember there was a discussion about this on the AVM forum at the Vascular Birthmarks Foundation:

Not a bad site for you to explore, though I'm more partial to this one :)

Please take care. Dancermom's giving you good advice. The first thing that I was told with my arm was to put a compression bandage on it and leave it on except for when I had a shower. I was also told no swimming. At that stage I was swimming 600m three times a week. It is up to you but I would be careful until a decision is made about treatment. Compression stockings can be obtained through most chemists in Australia. Also Kylielonners please tell the school what is going on. I was a teacher for thirty five years and they definitely need to know.

Hi, my daughter has AVM in her foot as well. She was taken out of PE because they want minimal impact on that foot and she also has to wear 30-40 weight compression stockings to reduce some of the normal impact that her foot does get.