Absence seizures

Does anyone with or who had an AVM suffer from absence seizures? If so what are your symptoms. Curious to know I’ve been experiencing dazing out but I am very aware of what is going on and when I snap out of it a few seconds later I remember everything that happened.

I have the same problem.Most times i am aware but 1 out of 10 i lose 30 seconds or so.I had an eeg done but havn’t seen my neurologist yet so im interested in others experience’s also.

Hi Michael, you should really get that checked if your not aware at times, i do believe that could be seizures as for myself, i am very aware I can even have a conversation at the time but just daze out…hope all is well

I have since seen a neurologist.He took me of the Keppra and put me on 1200mg of Oxcarbazepin daily.So far no more staring spells.Hope all is well with you also.

So it is infact seizures that you were having?

I don’t know.The eeg didn’t show anything abnormal yet they kept me on the new meds.I see one doctor on the 13th and the neurosurgon on the 22nd.Since the new meds i’ve felt fine besides tired as all well you know.So i havn’t had any questions.