About the "Leaking and Rust"

Pauline asked first and this the answer I gave to her:

When I had the biopsy to determine whether the mass was cancerous, the needle punctured the AVM and created a place for the blood to start moving. As it moved into the area in the brain (leaked), the blood started to be absorbed by the brain fluid and broken down into basic components. Unfortunately blood has iron in it and iron begins to rust in fluid. As this went on over time the tendency for me to have a seizure became greater. I had to increase the amount of meds to the point that I was so medicated I was not functioning well. I was still having little seizures. That’s when I went in for the micro surgery. It really is ironic that the test they did to insure it was not cancer ultimately made me need the brain surgery.

wow…that really is ironic. But im glad your doing much better now. :slight_smile: