About Steroids

Hi everyone!
i m a facial AVMer ,i was preparing myself for the forth session of Embolization but my Dr. sent me 2 ENT for his opinion.The ENT suggested steroids 4 a week.now a days i m on steroids.My question is,has anyone out there used just steroids?Normally,i think steroids r used after surgery or Gamma or cyber knife.The ENT told me that steroids will shrink your AVM without any surgery or Embolization.Can steroids help shrinking AVM without any other treatment with it???
Waiting for replies…

I was given steroids to reduce swelling following my bleed. Haven’t discussed steroids since and just completed gamma knife just shy of two weeks ago. Thats the limit of my experience. Might be worth a second opinion.

thnx a lot JD12 for sharing your experience.