About Our AVM Survivor Family

I wanted to take a moment to let you all know how much I love the family we have built here.

Through my brain hemorrhage and recovery, I am forever connected to all of you. This experience has changed me forever. Never again will I take life for granted. Never again will I take loved ones for granted. Never again will I worry about possessions, status, or other trivial things.

Before I started interacting with all of you, there was no safe outlet to express these feelings and my new life philosophy without fear of judgment from those who didn’t get it. But here, not only do I feel safe expressing these thoughts, but I found a wonderful community of people who understand.

Anyways, thank you all for making me feel so helpful and for providing each other with strength and support.

Love and peace to my AVM survivor family.

Ben Munoz

Hear hear Ben!

It is such a pleasure being part of this family and I am so happy to have found it.

Thank you
Lee Ann

God bless you, Ben, for starting this family! You’ve described to a “T” how I feel about our AVM Family.

Love, Connie

Ben- you’ve done a great service to all of us for creating this network. Thank you for bringing us all together.

Ben life couldnt be any sweeter …this place is absolutely a blessing to myself and my little john who is growing so fast…thank for all the info u put inot it and each and one you sending me info as well thank everyone. lots love xoxox

Ben, you have done more than you could ever imagine. Your community here has given hope, security, friendships, care, and comfort to everyone here. I can say that you and everyone out here has made me a better person. You all have given me strength. You all have seen me through my darkest moments. You have given me a chance to share my life and help others. What would I do without you and my community here? I cannot thank you enough.

I do love my new BIG family! I have to admit that without this site I am not really sure who I would turn to. I was getting really down in the dumps and thinking that life was going to be too hard and that no one I could talk to would understand what I was and am still going through. I’m so thankful for this site…I really do feel like it saved me! In so many ways…I was lost and alone. With my mom passing away and her being the only one that was always there to listen or let me cry on her shoulder…I thought i would never have anyone that would totally understand me and what it was that I was going through. Not to make my mom seem like a bad person or ANYTHING Like that but you all just get it so much more. I would on the other had still love to have her here to help me out with other things tho…lol. I was honestly so depressed and didnt want to even bother getting up out of my bed. Then that same day I told myself why even bother on trying to get better or even trying to live my life I found out about this website. I mean dont get me wrong I had God and was not going to kill or hurt myself…but how I was feeling was almost as bad as not having God in my life. you all help me see the otherside of the tunnel and bring me up when I am down. You help me dry me tears and help me get up and try my best to move on and be the best person I can be. I want to thank you ALL sooooo much for that. I think that everyone in here has been a big part of my moving on and helping me get better. I dont want this to get sappy or anything like that…but you all are like a mom to me all rolled up into a website. i even met one person on here that reminded me so much like my mom i crt just about everytime I talk to her. I have not gotten to talk to her for a while now…so im going to take this time to say Michelle where are you!!! I’m so happy with my new family!!! :slight_smile:

thank all of you for all your kindness and support…I don’t feel so alone now.

Ahhh… now I’m all weepy after reading your note and all the replies. I love this site. Even though my AVM is a little different than most on here, I still feel completely accepted and supported. And of course understood. I think that is the real sticking point with everyone. I love my family & friends and they do everything they can to help me through this AVM journey. But YOU GUYS get it. You know what is happening and how it is to live with this.
I try to point every person I can here. It is the BEST place to come for support and I am so grateful to have found it. And Ben, I’m so thankful that you created it. It’s just awesome. Period.

No Ben it’s the family that want to thank you for having the vision to create this home for us all.

Ben that was so sweet,really I dont know what I would of done without my avm family,What you did for us,no words can says…This is a true blessing for all of us…We love you too!!:slight_smile:

that is the same with me thanks to everyone i was and am able to cope better and everyone helped me through accepting and understanding about AVM thank you

Hi Ben, I feel even more blessed,because I got to actually see you and get a HUG!!! He is the real deal guys!!! and Yes see what one person can do for so many…I am thankful that you started this group and have worked so hard on it!!! Keep up the great work and the “Smile”…

Ben, thank you for starting this, eventhough I am so new to this type of relationship, I am looking
forward to being included and discovering new coping strategies, and sharing what has worked for
me over the last 24 years after my head blew-up. I have already read of new words that i
never even heard of. I still have to figure out how to put a picture on here. Thankyou for
the “family”. Pam T

HI Ben
Again agree with what everyone else has already said - THANK YOU!! xx

Its thanks to you that I feel so much better that I can talk and vent all my frustration and all my happy thoughts etc to all these wonderful people, Thanks so much ben youve changed my life

Wow Ben…Are you our creator of this site ? If so , you deserve all the best . THANK YOU SO MUCH for creating this for us . It took me 6 years to find this . I’ve been reading alot of stories and blogs but never was able to find a site that directly connected me to the AVM family . Thanks again !

Yes, I was so alone when I had my bleed in Aug 2006 so I figured I should probably do something about it (since I am also a computer nerd.) This site was up by early 2008; better late than never. Feel free to spread the word to anyone who could use some support.

Ben; I can relate to “living for today” because you never know what may happen tomorrow. When I was first diagnosed with my AVM I was scared to sleep is case I did not wake up!
Now after surviving so many Grand Mal siezures I am not so bad.
I am glad I have found so many people who can relate to our illness and know what I am talking about.