AANS Seeking Neurosurgical Patient Stories

Here's a great neurosurgical website seeking stories from 'us,' @ http://www.aans.org/~/media/Files/Patient%20Information/call_for_patient_stories1.ashx.

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Patti - I am having a terrible time trying to connect with this link. I’ve also gone directly to aans website and every time I get close to the patient stories I get a message saying something like “can’t connect to website”…any advice? I’d really like to read other stories and also to give my appreciation to my surgeon. Thanks

Hi Trish, try this link http://www.aans.org/en/Patient%20Information.aspx and you’ll find more patient info, as well as link to 'patient stories.'
This is a great website, yet I suspect few neuro patients know about.
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