A year and a half since gamma knife

Becca has made a great deal of improvement since last year she has some speech issues here and there but overall great progress her headache and swelling is gone and her AVM is neutralized by the gamma knife procedure. There have been many petit mall seizures since the gamma knife and we have learned that the anti seizure med must not be missed or late. On the bright side she is liking life again and has some new hobbies that are amazing she makes origami boxes (paper folding)and has given many of these to her church for fundraiser items they sell well! We know she will never be her old self but I like her new self just fine!.

That is good news! I'm glad you guys are having a Merry and happy Christmas. Good for her on the origami - that's an art by itself. A dear friend of mine's mother was Japanese. She (the mom) moved here over 50 years ago. Any way, she did origami and she made me a mobile of small birds one time. It was beautiful.