A Weekly Radio Show For AVM'ers & Stroke

Some of you that I have talked to here are familiar that I have a music show every weekday online. I am delving into talk radio some, and would like to have a weekly radio show for folks that have AVM’s, and strokes. It will be a talk-call in type format with an interview, and the ability for folks to call in and talk about the subject of that particular episode. The uniqueness of coarse is that it is devoted to those who have AVM’s and or their families. What I would like is to get some input as to what times tend to be best for you. I can do one each week both in the afternoon, and the evenings. I know I can’t time for everyone, but a little bit of a good time will help. The show will be archived also, so anyone can eventually listen to it. Plus, I’d love your ideas for a unique name for the show. Since it is for you, my fellow AVM’ers…James

James, that is a great ideal! That will spread the word for those that don’t know about our avm website. I think I like your job better. Can I come work for you? lol!

james i am new to the group so bear wit me please one of my tests to see if my brain injury improved was on a site called lumonisity and then when i found this wesite me with a brain injury it made me so mad it was so demoralising and another thing i dont know the people here in irelandare not trained prperly because i wast the firsr so any comment or advicewould be welcome