A question for you guys who've had surgery on your occipital/parietal lobe & have epilepsy

What are your symptoms? How long do they last, and has anyone had a status (ie continual)episode/s?

I'm recovering from 3 days of visual and auditory hallucinations and some tactile ones. I guess it's a bit like being on drugs. Who needs drugs when you can get this for free?! HA! HA! Does anyone else experience similar? Sorry if I'm repeating a prior discussion.

My drugs - Keppra and Clobozam have been increased and it is slowly clearing, thought the world is quite trippy. Man.

I'm lucky. My epilepsy is pretty stable mostly. It just flares up once in a while.

It never ceases to amaze me what the brain can do and can withstand.

Hello Flower
I have not had what you are experiencing . I was wondering have you altered your diet to high protein low or no carb for your epilepsy?

Hello Angela,
Thanks for your reply. No I haven't altered my diet - what's that all about? I eat quite healthily. Is that the ketogenic diet? Not familiar with it????

Hello Flower
Yes the ketogenic diet- I follow Bee's diet here is the link below- its basically limiting your carb intake and eating proteins and fats. Staying away from processed food, sugar- I found out I was allergic to wheat and it was hard to find food that was wheat free so I just did gluten free to start. I use olive oil and coconut oil. I also drink Braggs Apple cider vinegar everyday. I do eat some fruit once in awhile more in the summer. The diet helps with pain and I just feel better eating the diet. I am now making bone broth and making soups with it. Some people drink it everyday.

Also we have a cat named Koko who we adopted after his family had stepped on him and wanted to put him down. The vet had a shelter and she saved his life. He was blind in one eye but no one knew if it was due to the trauma or he was born that way. I had a month off work so we took him home and I spent so much time with him anyway he started to feel better and after a year he started to have seizures. We had an MRI done and he only has half a brain. It can happen in humans as well but the brain can remap so he is able to do most things except purr. he is on seizure meds but we started to give him cooked human meat and many meals throughout the day. And we were able to reduce his meds and he has not had a seizures in years. The dry food that he does eat does not contain any grains. Even though he eats all the time he is only 8 pounds and he never gets sick.

The brain is amazing. I know that you need fat to coat your nerves and many people who have parkinsons do the diet as well and it helps.

Hi Flower. There is a new sub-group here you may wish to join…

Hi Barbara,

Thanks for that I didn't know about it.


How do I find that sub-group using this is system plse?

I'd appreciate it if you cld give me idiot-proof directions!

Flower, just click on the link that Barbara provided. It should take you right there. Otherwise, going forward. If you click on "groups" at the top of the home page it will take you to the groups homepage. You can type in "epiliepsy" or "seizure" in the serach area (the blank spot with a magnifing glass next to it) and click the magnifying glass...it will pull up any groups with those words in them. Does that make sense?

That makes sense. Thanks.
I hope you are doin well.

My AVM was removed from my occipital lobe couple years back. My epilepsy gets me trippin the light fantastic about once a week. They are frequent because I choose not to be medicated; though I have considered it.