A New Perspective on Scars

Think Your Scars Are Ugly? This Artist Thinks You're A Walking Work Of Art.
It only takes a moment to create 'em, but it can take a lifetime to embrace them.

Good for you for posting this link, Debra. As the mother of an art major, I enjoy anything to do with the art world. Oh, at one point during my first year after my burst, I asked my husband to explain the scars on my torso but now I see they are mostly faded however my shunt is quite visible.

I'm kind of proud of my scars. It never lets me forget where I have been and how far I have come from nobody wanting to operate on me. It certainly is all about perspective and how we make our scars or illness a positive force :)

Debra, again I say good for you and your pride! I like your perspective and of course I like the positive take on something!

I've got more scars than I can count. They remind me where I've been and what I've overcome. The scars from my two c-sections are badges of honor. It's unfortunate that no one can see the huge scar around my head. It's quite impressive :)

And what a beautiful video!