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A mother's fear for her son

I have been down and all but nothing is most painful and the scariest of all to feel and see that your son or your family will also suffer the suffering that you've underwent.
I have been asking God if I can make a deal with him. I can SUFFER anything, but please, please let it be ME ONLY. Please spare my family...
And now, I'm seeing my son having the signs and symptoms of AVM...
I don't want to talk to anybody about it because the fear is too heavy for me...
It's only YOU Oh LORD... Please have mercy and help us...

Cherry, what sort of signs and symptoms is your son having? I would suggest taking him to your neuro so that he can be checked out. It is possible that it may not be AVM, and that you can have that worry lifted from your shoulders. Suspense is the hardest thing; it is better to have information, and then you can decide what steps to take next. I am hoping your son is okay. Please keep us posted.

I would take your son to the Neurologist CHerry. I know it is scary and somehow, you prefer not knowing, but in the end, its much better to know! I will be keeping your son in my thoughts and prayers

Hi Cherry,

I'm in agreement with what the others have suggested. He should be checked out... knowing is better than NOT Knowing. And guessing about something like this can drive us nuts.

I can't help to wonder if it's possible your son is mimicking you(?) I don't know how old he is but, I've seen toddlers mimic their parents and/or the siblings. It's like they get the "empathy pain". It's not really there but, they think it is.

My friend, who is in need of an lung transplant. Has a 3 1/2 year old daughter who will sometimes act like she's out of breath and can't breath right. The first time she did this - it scared the daylight out of me (I help raise her) and it went away. About the third time this happened, I realised what was going on. When I asked her about it, she said: "I'm being mommy". She was not laughing or giggling about it - she was quite serious. If she was just pretending, she was very convincing. This may NOT have anything to do with your son but, I wanted to throw it out there.

Everyone’ssuggestion seem to be the right thing to do. Ive been having headachesfor months but ignored it and never went to a neuro also because one doctor said its migraine. If i had it che ked before we could have prevented the bleed. But i dont have regrets and i dont look back anymore. Prayers for your son Cherry.

Hi Cherry.....i share the same views as the rest of them...speculation creates fear & anxiety whioch makes us far more worse........it is best to finish the medical investigation which gives a fair idea of the situation in black & white.

Good luck & please stay strong.

Bangalore, India.