A love diferent then the rest

Adam i loved you from the moment i knew you where in side me. A blessing from the start. When you finly came to my arms your tiny face gave my light. A love like no other your life gave me a diferent path to go. I finly know what uncondishional love is all about . Your difernt from the rest .A little slower but spechial nune the less.It came a time i had to make a desion i wish i never had to make. How do i turn you in my son i love with all my heart. I could not let this go it was agenst god's law. I know you would have died my son and that i could not let go. I know you dident have time to think like i wish you did .The one who got you to this place you know was not your friend.A life you can not take and that is what you did. I will stay by your side till the day i die and my love for you my son that will never end .I lift you up to god each and every day. I know you foregive me but how do i foregive myself. You are my yongest one and slower then the rest i faled you in some way my son. Oh god i tryed to do my best