A little update!

well i have a little update but its not that exciting, at least not to me. The genentics counslor that i have been working with called me today. She is trying to find some place that will do my screening for eaither free or reduced cost since i have no insurance what so ever. The hospital near by is aksing 2,000.00 for a head MRI and 650 for a chest CT, thats alot of money that i dont have since im a college student and i dont work much at all. the head and chest scan are both things they feel i should get to make sure i don’t have any AVMs in my lungs or brain. Since they think i have a disorder called HHT, but no one in my family has problems according to the disorder. Some times i just really hate docters because i feel they dont know everything, even though they percieve to. so im trying not to stress but it’s just iritating to sit around and wait to see if i have these or not. she told me she would get back to me in a couple more weeks. so i guess untill then ill try to not think about it. (Ha… yeah right)


Hi kaleena john here sorry to hear about your problem’s.try not to get too down something will pop up.i would give you a tap but my fund’s are about as low as your’s;-)god bless