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A little ear humor


As many of you know, I lost most of the hearing in my left ear in an embolization done on Jan. 30 of this year. I wear hearing aids in both ears but that one is significantly worse. Yesterday, we were picking my daughter up from cardiac kids camp down near Cincinnati. My wife was listening to an Audio book while I took a nap before it was my turn to drive again. I turned off my right hearing aid and was leaning my seat back and laying with my right ear covered by the pillow. So, no hearing was happening in that ear.

My wife’s book sounded in my left ear like it was being read by Alvin and the chipmunks on a very old static filled radio.

Go Alvin!


Ps seriously there are many times when I wish that ear was totally non- functioning rather than the constant ringing and garbled sound.


Tom, keep laughing!! AVM’s can still find and keep our sense of humor. Say hi to Alvin and his buddies for me!

Sharon D…


Yeah, but can you imagine being followed round by Alvin all day? I get where you are, Tom and it isn’t great. It’s really helpful to share how you’re doing though. I hope it helps others and I hope you get some change, one way or another #noisyheadguy.