A Great Article about what to do when Diagnosed


Debra this article was very helpful. We are keeping an appointment with the Neurologists who has been managing my husbands initial tests..but we are requesting a referral to a us news top neurologists / nuerosirgeon as well. As much knowledge as we can acquire from all available sources just makes good sense. We meet with the original neurologists Wed to discuss my husbands AVM and a separate aneurysm.

I am glad this article was helpful to you. Please make sure that any Neurologist/Neurosurgeon you speak with has a lot of experience with AVMs. Keep in mind that Just because a Neuro is a top doc, that does not necessarily mean they are a top Doctor for AVMs. Hope your appointment goes well tomorrow. Please keep us posted on your journey of finding the right Doctor for your husband. Knowledge is power and this site can definitely give you a great deal of knowledge and insight.

Hi Niki,

Best wishes with your Dr appt. We traveled to Stanford to have Drs. Marks (embos) and Steinberg (surgeon) take care of Chari's AVM and aneurysm. Great place.

You local Dr should be able to send your files to Stanford for review without you going.

Will send you a friend request later today if you wanna discuss further privately.

Ron, Wichita, KS