A good read describing what an AVM is & thought I'd share!

I found this article to be very well written describing what an AVM is and thought I'd share with all of you!

For me, coming up on my 4-Year anniversary of my rupture in February, I now truly consider myself to be one of the Lucky ones & embrace the many Blessings this AVM brought into my Life; albeit in a Terrifying and somewhat disruptive way! I, nor did anyone in my inner circle of family & friends, knew what this 3-letter acronym stood for until it torpedoed into my world, without any kind of warning, and I now get to share Awareness with the world :))!

Hope everyone is doing well thru your Healing Journey!


Thanks for sharing this article, Michele. I like that the information was updated last May and I read this concise well-written article. I, too, will have my 4 year anniversary in 2015 except mine is in May. I understand your mention of blessings for I have a list too. While I wish I had never experienced this rare condition, like you I am just dealing. I send you my best wishes.


Thanks for posting this

This is great Michele. Thanks

Thanks for sharing this, Michele. I'll be sure to share it with others.

I hope that you have yourself a wonderful celebration come February. Best wishes. :-)

Thank you for shareing. Was a good read, I am 25 years Post AVM rupture. So glad to have survived but also would have passed on the ride to brain injury. Have a great day

Thanks for the link i had a read and as you said again i thank God every day I am here ...my AVM was a blessing is disguise as silly as it may sound...changed my life for the better...God bless!

Adrian, I don't think that it sounds silly. I view my AVM as a blessing in disguise as well. Because of it, I've learned to be more compassionate to others fighting a battle, as well as patience. I also feel that the best thing to come from this AVM is meeting so many wonderful AVM survivors, whether I had met them on this website, or in San Francisco at the AVM/Aneurysm Awareness Walk. I wouldn't have met them otherwise. :-)

Thanks so much for this link, I found a link to the ARUBA study on the page and was fascinated. I had no idea there was a study done on asymptomatic unruptured AVMs and that the conclusion was it was better to manage them medically than to intervene.

The specific study is discussed here:


Thanks again!