A frightening phone call!

On Friday afternoon I recieved the phone call every parent fears! Erin called from college saying her headache was unbearable and her pain med.s were not working! Erin is an hour away from me. After calling her Dr. he suggested she go to the nearest E.R. Which to our blessing is the hospital her nuerosurgeon works at.They found no bleed!!! But decided to do an angio to be safe. Her Dr. said that while he was in there he was going to embolize also. Well, he couldn't her avm has gotten so small!!!! We will be going Thursday to discuss gamma knife to finish off this monster in her head!So I guess the long scary drive was worth it in the end. Hoping for a promising meeting on Thursday. Thankful we have moved on to phase two of her treatment.

Lisa...that must have been so scary...Please let us know that you have a promising meeting on Thursday....Erin will be in my prayers.....AVM go away!

The shrinking of the AVM is a good thing. As everyone else said, let us know how the meeting on Thursday goes. Best of luck and continue to hang in there! You're doing great and it works for the both of you... :J

Hi Lisa...Think of you and praying for your and your daughter. Wishing the best for you guys.

Wow…I bet your blood pressure went through the roof with that phone call. I am so happy your daughter’s ordeal may soon be over!

Thoughts and prayers are with you -- all!!