A few months post GK...HEADACHE

In May tried to get Jacob back to school...worked out with the school we can try one period for two days..day of Jacob stayed up most of the night worrying about the next day. He worked himself up into a tizzy. Morning of he had a severe headache and pale and was nauseous. So he missed that opportunity. Next on deck was summer school which he was excited to do. Yay!! We had gone to a follow up with his Neurologist who was encouraging him to get back to his life.So 6-1-15 rolls around first day of summer school and surprised he was up and ready to go!!I was pleased. Off he went and when I dropped him off I gave him encouraging words and that if needed I would be at home for him to call for any questions.This was only four hours four days a week. One semester in two weeks. As soon as I picked him up he said he had a headache.Home we went. As we progressed toward home he explained it took him two hours to read 2 pages.And all he got out of it was 111 words to put down for his 750 words essay.Yikes!!He started to have a melt down as he explained this."It use to be so easy for me and now I feel like an idiot"! "I can't understand. I can't remember." He went to bed and took tylenol. Slept for two hours. Woke crying his head hurt. Took RX Gabapentin. Slept another 6 hours.Woke him to eat and to drink fluids. He claimed he felt dizzy and nauseous. Bed spins. Took regular dose of Rx at correct time but still felt headache and dizzy and nauseous, he only was able to eat half his dinner.He slept for 12 hrs. and when he woke he said he felt dizzy and sick with a headache but his peripheral vision was diminished and he had a spot in his left eye. He could not see around.Called the doc and they didn't respond til the end of the day. Now I live 2 hours away from the hospital or docs. So off we went to be seen in the ER. They gave him an IV of fluids and magnesium..said it helps with headaches.Hmmm note to self.After then going for an MRI..yay! Ruled out any bleeding reoccurring. Whew!But that nothing showed up. Gave him in his IV..some steroid and Compazine for headache.Said he was having complex headaches...apparently this is not uncommon.Sent us home with RX for compazine.Needless to say we arrived at home 1am so the next day the kid virtually slept all day and night only up to drink and bathroom. Thursday wakes up like a new person. Headache mild but tolerable. No vision block and peripheral is back not great but better than during headache...made up for lost time in diet loss.He mowed through the fridge and drank continuously. Glad to say Friday back to our new normal!! Just an update in our progress and something for others to help or may know. I know we are not alone! Have a wonderful weekend to all!

May God Bless you all, and my prayers for your son to continue to have more positive day's of getting better, tell him to stay strong and hang in there