A Christmas Nightmare -

I had a terrible dream last night. I am supposed to have gamma knife next Tuesday, Dec. 29th and I dreamed that I got there and they did the angio and that was wierd as I could feel the tube going up my body into my brain, argh - I have never had a cerebral angio so I really don’t know what to expect. I then remember that I was being told my AVM was connected to 12 major arteries :frowning: - needless to say I wanted to forget about doing the gamma knifa and go home. Nobody yet has told me how many arteries there are in connection with this AVM whichbothers me. They just keep saying that the cerebral angio will show exactly what arteries etc. I am glad that this was a dream but I hope reality is not that bleak. I also seem to remember I ate crackers and drank soda which I am not su[ppose to do after midnight the night before and also didn’t shave :slight_smile: - that part is a bit comical now but wasn’t during my dream…Have a wonderful day everyone - I hope tonight when I dream I have visions of sugarplums dance in my head instead - or however that goes…

Awwwww, I’m so sorry you had a nightmare. I vote for “visions of sugerplums” for you, too! Try programming yourself for a pleasant dream by thinking about something really good that you want to dream about. It is supposed to work, but I don’t remember my dreams so I cannot say from personal experience. Try it anyway…

I think scary vivid dreams come hand and hand with AVMs! Just remember this is an extreamly stressful thing for mind and body and the best thing to do is to talk to people about your dreams. I had some scary ones after my embo and couldn’t sleep for days. Ask your doctors lots of questions (no matter how insignificant), tell them about your fears and the dreams you have had. Oh and before I had my embo I did a little cleaning up for them because of the hack job they did durring my angio and they still shaved off more so I wouldn’t worry about that part of it!

Haha! No Gordon I am 30!

I hope you understand the tony the tiger thing now lol
you know 12 lol

sorry about that

Thanks for making me laugh you guys. This is funny to read and I am actually doing olay on keppra but I think Dilantin worked better as far as getting rid of numbing and tingling in my hand and arm. My gums were more sore on dilantin thought and they bled. I don’t want to take dilantin if it is going to ruin my gums and counteract with other things tho.

well i read my blog and realize I am a bit off with my typing but hopefully you get the gist :slight_smile: of it. Merry Christmas to all of you!

So, one thing I am wondering if anyone knows. Once they close off this nidus and the blood doesn’t flow through it, does the blood route another way or how does that worK?

Obviously the blood needs to flow to the areas that need circulation and so forth. right?

Hi Dawn, nightmares can get crazy when we have to deal with this stuff.
When you get the angio, you may be a asleep or sedated.
I had the angiogram both ways and I didn’t feel anything either time.
The doctors seem to know more after they do the angiogram.

The 29th is coming soon, try to relax, I know, easier said then done.

Peace and Blessings

Hi Ameenah - I am trying very hard to relax but I wish I could run far away like Forest Gump. I went for a 25 minute massage today which I have never done before. I have been having a hard time, one minute I am snapping at someone and then bawling my eyes out the next. My husband is not a very patient person so it is taking it’s toll and I am a little resentful that he is not more supportive. He thinks I am being negative - I hope I can get through this without going insane.

I am glad to have somewhere to go and talk to you and the others who have been down this road. I am generally a strong person and I feel I am positive.