A Brighter tomorrow! ( Avm is gone)

Hello everyone,

Yesterday I wen’t to UVA to have yet another MRI to check the status of my AVM and the swelling around it. I was scared and nervous and almost didnt want to know. We got home last night and eventhough I was beyond exhausted, I couldnt sleep. I couldn’t help but think about everything, what it would feel like if I was told im still not better or how I would feel or what I would do if by some miracle they finally told me the AVM was finally gone, the brain swelling was going down and I wouldn’t need another Avastin treatment. But I guess this year I’ve gotten used to not getting my hopes up because all that did was set me up for heartbreak. The drive back to UVA felt very short this morning, I was so scared but I tried to keep it to myself. We walked in to the nureosurgeon’s office, we were an hour early so I was prepared to wait, but they took me back very quickly. That didn’t help my nerves. I couldnt help but think something was wrong. They did the normal neurological tests, i’m still very weak on my left side but I knew that. They finally got to my MRI results and they were all amazed! They told me my AVM is 95% gone and I have a very small amount of brain swelling. I couldn’t believe it! They told me I just need to come back in the next month or two to have an angiogram and one last MRI to be 100% sure the avm is completly, 100% closed off and gone. They are weaning me off the steroids and oxycontin finally, then want to slowly wean me off the 14 other meds im on. They left the room so they could do paperwork. I just sat there staring at the pictures of my brain, I almost didnt want to belive it just yet because I was so scared they were going to come back and say they made a mistake. But when the nurse who has been there for me through this entire year came in and told me I can have my life back and that I can finally enjoy being 20. At that moment I knew it was real and I have finally made it through this incredibly hard year and I started to cry. When the doctors first tell you that you have a rare brain condition and they dont know how long it will take for you to get better, if you’ll get better, You dont think the day will ever come when they say you’re no longer sick. After I saw my neurosurgeons I had to go see my neuro-oncologist. He was so happy and amazed at how fast the Chemo treatments worked. He said there was no need for me to come back and see him unless a problem comes up but he is very optomistic. Walking out of that cancer center happy and pretty much 100% healthy I had mixed emotions. I was so happy to hear I dont have to go back ( going through the same stuff cancer patients go through is very scary), I was so excited to finally get to think about my future, but then I felt sad and because I started to think about how many people dont get to leave the cancer center like I get to, I felt bad for being happy in a sad place where so much bad news is given and pain is experienced. It got me thinking even more about how short life is and how precious it really is. This past year has deffinatly shown me that amoungst 10000 other things im not sure I would have learned otherwise. It’s crazy how God works, Using terrible, challenging experiances to teach us how to live and love. I can now say I’m blessed to have gone through all of this, to have learned so much and to have survived. Thanks for all the love and support from y’all. Couldn’t have made it through without y’all!!! xoxo

Brittany <3

Dear Brittany, yours is an incredible and uplifting journey. i didn’t suffer through the things you did, but I was moved enough through this experience, to know that I shall always be here for the wonderful AVMers on this site. Once you are on the up, I pray you will continue to be here for others who need your guidance and knowledge

I am so happy for you! What a weight off your shoulders this must be…"survivors guilt"is normal I think…I agree that God puts obstacles in our way to make us better people…take the gift you have been given and run with it! I wish you well.

Great News, Brittany! Congratulations!

Super Hurrah!!!

Yeah!! I am so happy for you!!! Go and live your life!

Thanks sooo much everyone and i will continue to be here for everyone :slight_smile:

God bless you thats great…it will only get better from here and keep positive

You are truly Blessed, Brittany!God has Blessed you,Life is Beautiful!

how absolutely wonderful for you and your family - god bless xxxx

That is a great story! Congratulations! This story bring me so much hope I am going to do an MRI to see the status of my AVM on Wed and have been feeling the same you did my nerves are through the roof. Thanks for sharing now go do all those things you have wanted to do but haven’t because of your AVM!

WOW…Congratulations Brittany…what wonderful news; your blog made me cry with happiness for you!!
As others have said, please stay here and give other hope and this great story! Also, get out there and enjoy your life young lady…you are blessed & beautiful. Luv, Lesley S. xxxx

i really hope that’s how it works out for me? could i ask you what all your symptoms were before you finally found out that you have brain avm? i just got diagnosed with it a couple weeks ago and have not been to the neurosurgeon yet…the wait is killing me!

Gosh thanks everyone!!! i will totally stay here and continue to talk to you all!! Keshiakay my symptoms were very very terrible, awful migrane headaches that would debiliate me to were i was very sick in bed until it subsided. One night it was soo much worse than usual that I went to the ER and they did a CT and the next day was when we found out I had a brain AVM. Girl I know the wait is terrible but hang in there. you’ll get through it. Please let me know How your visit to the neurosurgeon goes. Where is your ANM located in your brain, what is its size and status?

Loads of love XOXO <3
Brittany :slight_smile:
P.S. keep smilin y’all!!! We’ll get through it together :slight_smile: