8mm AVM

Hi there, my father just went for his 3 year check up after his gamma knife treatment and the AVM is still there. The size of the AVM is 8mm. Can anyone shine some light on to the matter of why the AVM is still there. Im really upset as we all thought he was better and he had won against his AVM.

Hope to get some input from the forum

Ilim xxx

I don't have any insight as to why the AVM is still there, but I wanted to let you know that you are not alone. In 2008 my husband's AVM was treated with multiple embolizations and multiple crainiotmies. In early-2010, despite being told he was AVM free in 2009, the AVM was still present and he underwent gamma-knife. We have since learned that his AVM is not only still present, but it has sprouted in a new location. I know we still have one more year to get to the 3-year mark post-radiation, but we've been told it won't go away without further treatment.

Best of Luck to you and your dad


Thank you for the reply and hope ur husband gets better, it’s painful and hurtfull.


Im sorry to hear this but where exactly is the AVM located?