8 days left

Oh how wonderful it was to hug my kids. I just sat at watched them play and smiled. Theu both climed up im my bed and huged me for a really long time and my youngest Oliver lied beside me and just hold me. I can´t describe the feeling but I think that everyone that have kids understands they joy!!!
Talked to my best friend today. I tried to make her understand that I don´t blame her for not coming. Of course I WANT her to come. I miss her so mutch, and I hope she understand that. But I also know she has a family that needs her. And it´s a really long distance to the hospital. I can´t make the desicion for her but I Love her just as mutch even if she dosen´t wisit me!!! Shes my best friend and will always be!!
I´ve decided to do my tatoo when I get back home. Hope my speech is good enough so the tatooist wont deny me :slight_smile: Have had a good day alltough i hag the attack last night. The speech took a little step back but I have to stay positive…
Have to sleep now and see if the headache will go away. Good night/ god natt puss