7 years since 2 GKR doses, results

.....and altho its really helped my cause - lots of the AVM has been removed - i still have some left. No where near how it used to be, but theres still some out there. Possibly 85-90% removed. But not all of is :( Theres no way i could do embolism, the bloody stuff is just too deep, and another GKR dose on the particular AVM left could also have detremental results.

So, what can i do? not much i guess. I would love to do something about it tho, i remember sheffield said that they wont do the GKR and altho the percentage wasnt that bad for another bleed, i had a massive one just one year later.

Is it possible to look over seas for alteratives? I guess not, money would always too much.......

hi all, not one other person been in the same situation? Am i unique? Hope not,