7 mos

Ezra is 7 mos now and has seen a few different doctors and a surgeon and they all agree that his AVM should be left alone and only observed for now. The bones in the right forearm are larger than the other arm but as he grows the difference has become less noticeable. He is crawling and doesn’t seem to be bothered by it in the least.

I’m glad he isan’t having problems and hope he neaver does . Best wishes for you and your son .

Thanks for the update. I’m sure everyone would love to see some more pictures. I would.

Sounds like good news. If he isn’t being impacted and you see no real growth, then the doctors seem cautious plan seems to be the right track. Hopefully it won’t get to be a problem ever! It’s just really good that you guys are aware and can take more action than “just observe” if it is ever needed!
And yes, more pics needed!

Thanks everybody. I’m praying that it won’t, but I am very grateful for all of you and the experience and information you’ve shared, so that if it begins to act up I will know a bit about the options and what to expect, where the specialist are and all. I’ll get some pictures up soon :slight_smile:

I’m with Ben…more pictures, Liz!