7 mo. post op

wow on Friday it will be 7 mounts since Carter had one of his major surgery to help straighten his right leg…wow its been 2 1/2 mo. since he had the halo taken off and wow what a journey …as of right now his leg is straight and his foot is flat (hasnt been that way in 6 years) the pain level is high at times…we need him to be full weight berring on it and he is having a hard time with that he doesnt want to feel any more pain I can’t blame him but we are so close to the light at the end of the tunnel …once he can put full weight on it we can start to bend his knee …but he is having more pain free days and is making small steps in the right direction…thanks to Lindsy Troop and her Brainbow project we have started our own project called “Lion Snaps” Its ribbon (of any color and style) that snaps onto your shoe/heels/sandals/shoelaces to remind us that recovery is one step at a time…The vision I have for the Lion Snaps is to humble us all to know that what we think is a bad day…spilling coffee or a flat tire on your way to work are nothing compared to the painful recovery some people have…For a $2 donation I am selling Lion Snaps to raise money for the Walk in SF if you would like to donate please e mail me or look me up on Facebook under Lion Snaps ■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■ …This road carter is on is long and it is one step one day at a time but lion snaps has given us a distrastion in a good way …Thanks for reading his story and his journey

I’m glad Carter is making progress, albeit slow. You know I’m a big fan of Lion Snaps and I am telling all of my friends too. I hope to get you much business when I start to see all of my friends regularly at the pool in a few months!