6 weeks post surgery

Hi Everyone.

I wanted to write a blog about what the last couple of weeks have been like for me. I had a craniotomy perform on me in mid june on my right parietal lobe

The first couple of weeks for me were the hardest, especially because i golfed 10hrs a day, 6 days a week. It was butal having to just sit around and do nothing. There was only so much tv and reading a man can do before he goes insane. Lucky for me i got very tired very easily so i was able to sleep most of the day usually anywhere from 12-15hrs. Sleeping for me was great, but whenever i would accidently turn over to my right side where the incision site is it woke me up so i tended to favor my left side. I got headaches once in a while but they werent to bad. It mostly happened when i got up or sat down. luckily i didnt need the percocets they gave me just the occasional tylenol. My left hand was very uncoordinated because of the surgery in my right pariatel lobe. It was tough to do a lot of things becuase of it but i made my adjustments.

After the first month I was feeling a lot better. The doctor cleared me to start golfing again. It was only putting but for me that was the greatest gift i could as for! My problem was just not over doing it since i wanted to return to form as soon as possible. After a month the headaches were almost completely gone and my left hand felt great. To me the main problem was bordom! I felt great just was so bored and all my friends were golfing and hanging out and having such a great time and i couldnt be a part of it. It was a real drag.

As of today my doctor has cleared me to start golfing again! i can do everything except actaully playing but i able to practice which means bye bye bordom! He told me i can pretty much do everything just nothing too strenuous. I havent had a headache in weeks (knock on wood) and my left hand feels almost completely back to normal. The main problem that im having right now is that i feel so good that i want to do to much ast once and my family doing a good job keeping what i do in check but its hard i feel like i can do anything but i know i still need to take it easy for a while.

I feel like im missing so much to this because of how much this has effected my life but when i talk to others they tell me how much worse it could be so for that i couldnt be more thankful.

Hi Nick. My AVM bleed occured before you were born. Time will pass by very fast. I will continue to pray for your full recovery!

Hi Nick…trust me…you will get better and better every day. It takes longer when you have a brain injury than it does say if you broke your leg…but Keep the Faith…things will improve!