6 weeks post op

Update on carter …tomorrow will be 6 week post op …he has good moments and bad he cry’s every day but he also smiles and laughs everyday…as a parent it has been the hardest thing …we are seeing some amazing things happening with his leg…Carter has had many visitors and special packages sent to him to help in his recovery and about 2 weeks ago he won an ipod touch from cartoon network all these things help lift his spirit …but the hard time is at night and trying to sleep he just can’t get comfortable …We can’t wait until the halo comes off as of right now it looks like after Christmas…thanks again for all the prayers keep them coming this is a long road with lots of bumps …

He’s such a tough little cookie! It sucks that he has to go through this. But look, it’s already been 6 weeks. It may seem like long days, but eventually they morph into weeks. And before he knows it that halo will be gone and he will be comfortable and in less pain. And it will all be worth it in the end. That’s why he did this, right? He knows that and is such a trooper! I’m sure it’s hard on you also missy! Difficult to watch your child suffer and not be able to just make it all go away. You guys are all such a great family and Carter is one lucky kid in that regard.
Hugs all around.

Hello Pamela, as a parent myself, I just can’t imagine what it would be like for you going through this with your son, so all I can say is, ‘he’s a fighter’ and the halo will be gone before too long. Then he WILL feel so much better! My thoughts and parents to you all. xx

Hi Pamela, I truely understand what you experienced. My son’s lesion on leg is quite small now and with no treatment. I’m so scared to watch it every day. I wish you and Carter all the best and have a successful treatment result!